Our Team

Inclusive Education & Learning Support Team

Liz Ingoldby – Library and Inclusive Education Program

Dominic May – Student Support, Learner Intervention and W.H.S.

Tarcha Baty – Student And Admin Support and Learner Intervention.

Beth Busbridge -Student Support – Learner Intervention

Sandra Miller – Student Support – Learner Intervention

Kelly Armstrong – Student Support

Emma Woods -Student Support

Gaye Scott – Student Support and Admin

Claudia Peoples – Mentoring and Student Support

Antje Woodrow and Courtney Nesje – Playgroup


The School Support Crew:

Steve Tilley: Grounds and Maintenance

David Hill Cleaning : Ash – School Cleaner

Early Years Teaching Team

Jodie Hobbs – Reception           

Linda Macera – Reception & Year 1

Patty Payne – Year 1 & 2

Justine Beadman – Year 2

Primary Years Teaching Team

Megan Hale – Year 3 & 4               

Katrina Munzberg  – Year 3 & 4        

Aaron  Kinnear  – Year 5 & 6

Rhiannon Day / Peter Simmons – Year 5 & 6 

Specialist Teaching Team

Zoe Ingoldby-Craig: HASS, Visual Arts and Dance, I

Tonya Bishop:  Science, School Sport and Numeracy Partner

Tania Folland: LOTE – Japanese

Victoria Brown – Inclusive Education Support Program

 Indra Benson: Music and Media Arts-  (LSL in 2022)

Leadership and Management Team:

Josh Anderson: Principal

Jo Bell: Deputy Principal and Literacy Partner

Tonya Bishop: Curriculum Coordinator

Kerry Hooper: Business Manager and Finance

Debbie Brooksby: Administration

The OSHC Team       

Kay Pahl – Supervisor – Morning Care

Olivia Homann – Director and Afternoon Care

Sharon Proctor- OSHC team member

Beth Busbridge -OSHC team member


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