Learner Wellbeing and Engagement

Positive wellbeing and engagement is essential to learning and successful participation in school life, for both children and adults. At McLaren Flat, we know that our smaller school environment, community connections, broad based learning program and inclusive practices support positive wellbeing for our learners.

Our children and their wellbeing is promoted by our four fundamental rules of Be Fair, Be Safe, Have Fun and Include Others. Every student is encouraged and supported to develop a strong and positive sense of their identity as a learner and is also accountable for their learning, behaviour and participation in the class and school community.

Our recently completed beehive mural on the resource centre is a perfect example of how we see ourselves as unique individuals who benefit from and are strengthened by our connections with each other in a community that shares common goals and values. We also benefit from the support of our Student Wellbeing Leader and also our Pastoral Care Worker, funded through the National School Chaplaincy program.